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Understanding the difference between Tech Integration and Blended Learning is the first step to using Blended Learning.

Combination of online delivery of education content with features of classroom interaction and live instruction to personalize learning, allow reflection, and differentiate instruction.

Great Video on Blended Learning at work.

Learning must be student-centered. Letting students have a voice in their pace, place and path gives them that learning experience.
Pace - When students can choose a reasonable pace/time to learn they succeed.
Place - Learning continues even after they leave the classroom and school building.
Path - Let them choose how they prefer to learn. How they show proficiency.

Activity Examples - Finding Slope in Algebra
Traditional Teaching
Blended Learning

Main Ideas of Blended Learning
  • Start small then move to bigger things
  • Technology has a purpose not just to be using it
  • Students should be center

Just a Few Tech Resources:

Math Live - Online math lessons for K-8. Each animated lesson is followed by interactive activities at the end, a worksheet, and assessments for the teacher to print and use.
Math Interactives - Many concepts available. Interactives and videos that focus on real life examples with a worksheet also.
NCTM Illuminations - Many lesson plans and interactive activities.
Desmos - Online graphing calculators that allows for graphing functions, plot data, evaluate equations, and explore transformations. Also can find lots of lesson plan ideas already created.
Geogebra - Online calculator for functions, geometry, algebra, calculus, statistics and 3D math. It's dynamic mathematics for learning and teaching.
TenMarks - Web-based math curriculum resources aligned with Common Core and state standards. It features powerful teaching resources, engaging lessons, and data-driven insights.
Nearpod - Interactive mobile presentations that teachers create and customize themselves.
Formative - Interactive mobile presentations with built in assessments, classwork, or homework. Students can even show their work (draw the answer).
Edpuzzle - Take already existing videos or create your own, add interactive questions to engage students, and reinforce accountability.
Kahoots - Fun learning game (teacher created) made from a series of multiple choice questions. Teachers can add videos, images, and diagrams to questions. There is also a huge collection of premade kahoots to use or edit.
Edulastic - Technology-enhanced assessment creator. Use for formal or informal assessment and allow students to see immediate feedback and even get hints (optional).

Just a Few Strategies:

Rally Coach: A great exercise to use to have pairs help each other solve problems in class. This could be used with any set of questions you would like students to answer.
White Boards: Have students answer questions on their own white boards.
Think-Pair-Share: Ask the question, allow think time, have students pair with their neighbors, then ask a few students to share out loud.
Quiz-Quiz-Trade: A great review activity for any content area that teachers can use to review material before a test. It involves a student asking his or her partner a question, having the partner then quiz the other person, and then trading cards and finding a new partner. In order to do this activity, the teacher either needs to create a number of index cards that have a question on one side and the answer on the other.
Mix-Pair-Share: A great activity to use to have students discuss questions that are posed by the teacher and to have them review material. The only setup involved requires the teacher to create questions that she would like to have students discuss.

It Is Not About What You Have, But What You Do with What You Have
All too often, teachers become disillusioned by the limitations for materials, access to tools, or amount of time. Those constraints cause many to shift their focus from what their class and teaching can do to what it can't. Don't fall for it.

In the YouTube video below, look at what happens when you stop worrying about what you don't have and start to think about what you can be done with what you do have. (Pay special attention to what kind of guitar Clay is using.)

Clay Shelburn & Zac Stokes- Walmart Rockstars - "Pride and Joy" -

Resources for Presentation: