Clear Target:

I can simplify creating, distributing and grading assignments in a paperless way and manage online student behavior.

Additional Google Apps for Education resources can be found on our Empowerstudents wiki.

Student Log In Information
Username: (last 3 of their lunch number)
Password: FL#### (last 4 of their student PIN number)

Classroom Intro Video

  • What is this like?
  • What does this remind you of?
  • How is this different than what you have been using?

Experience Classroom as a Student

Join our classroom as a student.

  • Practice accessing, completing and turning in individual assignments.
  • Experience group work with Classroom. There are a variety of ways to implement group work with Classroom.
  • Discussion question: How do you envision group work in your class?

Now, look back at your My Drive. Notice you now have a folder named Classroom. Any class you join or create will automatically have a folder within this folder and all of your assignments will have folders.

  • Student Permissions
    • Students can post and comment
    • Students can only comment
    • Only the teacher can post and comment

  • Mute


  • Class Resources Folder


Let's create a playground and practice!

Join your shoulder partner's class so you can see what Classroom looks like with students in your class.

Now, look at your classroom and spend time practice grading assignments and providing feedback.

App Available

Classroom app is available for phones and tablets.
  • Docs, sheets, etc. will be needed if you need to complete assignments.

Clean Up