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Give students everyday practice with interactive online testing type questions while collecting deep insights into what they know or don’t—and how you can help. Choose from the template library or create and share your own assessments within your school. Receive immediate performance data. Because it is cloud based, it works on any device with internet and can be accessed with single sign-on with a Google Apps for Education account.

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Using Equation Editor with Students

In Word 2011
Insert a frequently used or built-in equation or expression
To save time, you can insert a built-in equation and edit it to suit your needs instead of typing the equation character by character.
  1. Click where you want to insert an equation or expression.
  2. On the Document Elements tab, under Math, click the arrow next to Equation, and then select the equation or expression that you want from the equation gallery.
    Document Elements tab, Math group
    Document Elements tab, Math group

    To edit a variable in an equation or expression, press the right or left arrow key until you highlight the variable that you want to edit. Then, hold SHIFT and press the right or left arrow key to select the variable.